FN Design System

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FNDS is the living design system for FiscalNote products. It entails a series of guidelines, styles, components, and elements for creating a cohesive experiences for people in the government industry.

Project details

With product and design working to meet the company’s demands, the quality of our product started to diminish and the user experiences began to fail. To recalibrate, we devised a plan to change our current ways.

We wanted to bring order to chaos, repeat familiar and proven patterns, and improve our workflow efficiency. Given the amount of work to complete the project, we set aside room on the product roadmap and started working toward the first phase.

Using basic design principles and elements, we wanted to iterate on the perception associated with our product and it’s users. Many government products and websites are outdated and difficult to use, so we wanted to create a more sophisticated, future-focused way of communicating who we are.